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  • Road salts and other human sources are threatening world's freshwater supplies April 12, 2021
    When winter storms threaten to make travel dangerous, people often turn to salt to melt snow and ice. Road salt is an important tool for safety, but a new study warns that introducing salt into the environment -- for de-icing roads, fertilizing farmland or other purposes -- releases toxic chemical cocktails that create a serious […]
  • Spanking may affect the brain development of a child April 12, 2021
    A new study linking spanking and child brain development shows spanking could alter a child's neural responses to their environment, in similar ways to a child experiencing more severe violence.
  • A multidimensional view of the coronavirus April 12, 2021
    What exactly happens when the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 infects a cell? New research paints a comprehensive picture of the viral infection process.
  • Early cannabis use linked to heart disease April 12, 2021
    Smoking cannabis when you're young may increase your risk of developing heart disease later, according to a recent study.
  • Biologists investigate effects of bisphenols on nerve cells April 12, 2021
    Bisphenols contained in many everyday objects can impair important brain functions in humans, biologists warn. Their study shows that even small amounts of the plasticizers bisphenol A and bisphenol S disrupt the transmission of signals between nerve cells in the brains of fish. The researchers consider it very likely that similar interference can also occur […]
  • Pain receptors linked to the generation of energy-burning brown fat cells April 12, 2021
    A new source of energy expending brown fat cells has been uncovered by researchers, which they say points towards potential new therapeutic options for obesity.
  • Major risk of injury for recreational runners April 12, 2021
    Almost half of all recreational runners incur injuries, mostly relating to knees, calves or Achilles tendons, and the level of risk is equally high whatever your age, gender or running experience.
  • Women 'risk' grey hair to feel authentic April 12, 2021
    Many women 'risk' allowing natural grey hair to show in order to feel authentic, a new study shows.
  • Why some of us are hungry all the time April 12, 2021
    New research shows that people who experience big dips in blood sugar levels, several hours after eating, end up feeling hungrier and consuming hundreds more calories during the day than others.
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