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  • Metals could be the link to new antibiotics February 27, 2020
    Compounds containing metals could hold the key to the next generation of antibiotics to combat the growing threat of global antibiotic resistance. Researchers, working with a network of international collaborators, have discovered 23 previously unexplored compounds containing metals such as silver, manganese, zinc, ruthenium and iridium that have antibacterial and antifungal activity.
  • Second type of schizophrenia discovered February 27, 2020
    In a study of more than 300 patients from three continents, over one third had brains that looked similar to healthy people.
  • Portable 'electronic nose' can accurately pick up esophageal cancer precursor February 26, 2020
    A portable 'electronic nose' can accurately pick up the precursor condition to food pipe (esophageal) cancer, known as Barrett's esophagus, indicates a proof of principle study.
  • 'Low' socioeconomic status is the biggest barrier to STEM participation February 26, 2020
    A new study has found that socioeconomic status (SES) has the strongest impact on whether secondary school students study the STEM sciences.
  • Multi-sensor band quickly and simply records subtle changes in patients with MS February 26, 2020
    An international team of scientists has developed a new, multi-sensor tool that measures subtle changes in multiple sclerosis patients, allowing physicians to more frequently and more quickly respond to changes in symptoms or patient condition.
  • Scientists find link between genes and ability to exercise February 26, 2020
    A team of researchers have discovered a genetic mutation that reduces a patient's ability to exercise efficiently.
  • Drivers of expensive cars less likely to yield for pedestrians February 26, 2020
    What does the car you drive say about your manners? New study finds that drivers of flashy cars are less likely to yield for pedestrians.
  • Hearing aids may delay cognitive decline February 26, 2020
    Wearing hearing aids may delay cognitive decline in older adults and improve brain function, according to promising new research. Researchers have tested the use of hearing aids in almost 100 adults aged 62-82 years with hearing loss. After 18 months of hearing aid use, researchers found speech perception, self-reported listening disability and quality of life […]
  • Gene catalog comprising community of microbes in vaginal microbiome February 26, 2020
    Researchers have created the first catalogue of genes that comprise the community of microbes, which inhabit the human vagina. The catalogue, called human vaginal non-redundant gene catalog (VIRGO), was recently released as a public resource that can be used by researchers to facilitate a more in-depth understanding of the role of vaginal microorganisms in women's […]
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