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  • Nanotherapy offers new hope for the treatment of Type 1 diabetes January 17, 2022
    Individuals living with Type 1 diabetes must carefully follow prescribed insulin regimens every day, receiving injections of the hormone via syringe, insulin pump or some other device. And without viable long-term treatments, this course of treatment is a lifelong sentence. Now a team of researchers has discovered a better way.
  • Inciting instead of coercing, 'nudges' prove their effectiveness January 17, 2022
    To get through challenges such as the pandemic or the climate change, citizens must change their habits and behaviors. But how can this be achieved without resorting to coercive measures? The answer to this question may be the 'nudges' that have been gaining popularity over the last decade. By making small changes in our environment, […]
  • Repeated exposure to major disasters has long-term mental health impacts January 16, 2022
    Repeated exposure to major disasters does not make people mentally stronger, a recent study found: individuals who have been repeatedly exposed to major disasters show a reduction in mental health scores.
  • Genetic strategy reverses insecticide resistance January 15, 2022
    Using CRISPR/Cas9 technology, scientists have genetically engineered a method to reverse insecticide resistance. The gene replacement method offers a new way to fight deadly malaria spread and reduce the use of pesticides that protect valuable food crops.
  • Nuclei-free cells prove utility in delivering therapeutics to diseased tissues January 14, 2022
    Researchers report successfully removing the nucleus from a type of ubiquitous cell, then using the genetically engineered cell as a unique cargo-carrier to deliver therapeutics precisely to diseased tissues.
  • Being in space destroys more red blood cells January 14, 2022
    A world-first study has revealed how space travel can cause lower red blood cell counts, known as space anemia. Analysis of 14 astronauts showed their bodies destroyed 54 percent more red blood cells in space than they normally would on Earth, according to a new study.
  • Cellular receptors identified for eastern equine encephalitis January 14, 2022
    A new study has identified a set of cellular receptors for at least three related alphaviruses shared across mosquitoes, humans, and animals that host the virus.
  • Scientists uncover 'resistance gene' in deadly E. coli January 14, 2022
    Scientists have pinpointed a gene that helps deadly E. coli bacteria evade antibiotics, potentially leading to better treatments for millions of people worldwide.
  • Biologists pinpoint key factor in immune system response to viral infection January 14, 2022
    Researchers studying how small worms defend themselves against pathogens have discovered a gene that acts as a first-line response against infection. They identified 'ZIP-1' as a centralized hub for immune response, a finding could have implications for understanding human immunity against viruses.
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