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Preterm birth is when a baby is delivered before 37 weeks gestation (a normal pregnancy lasts 40 weeks). Worldwide, more than one in 10 babies are born prematurely each year, with more than 61,000 each year in the UK. Preterm birth carries significant risks that are greater the earlier a baby is born. Over 2500 babies in the UK die each year after being born too soon. Amongst those that survive, the risks of cerebral palsy, delayed brain development and hearing and sight problems are all increased. Drugs called antenatal corticosteroids are widely given to women thought to be at risk of preterm birth, to improve the chance that the baby will survive, should preterm birth occur. However, there is much we don’t know about how these drugs work, and the possible long-term consequences. Join us to hear about current research in Edinburgh that is focussed on preventing preterm birth, and on improving our understanding of the benefits and risks of antenatal corticosteroid treatment.

Speakers Sarah StockMRC Centre for Reproductive Health; and Karen ChapmanBHF/UoE Centre for Cardiovascular Science

Doors open 4.30pm with teas and coffees available.

Refreshments available after event.

Image credit: ©iStock.com/AndyL

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